4 Tips When Using An Elliptical Trainer

An elliptical trainer is among the very few quality equipment you will never miss in an effective weight loss program. A good number of us are on a mission to shed a few extra pounds and if that’s you, this is something you will want to get for your gym.

Elliptical Trainer

Just like treadmills or a bike, an elliptical trainer is designed to make your physical health better and also for the sake of your cardiovascular system. Besides assisting you to lose weight, the machine can also assist you to evade diseases such as hypertension or heart attack.

What really sets the elliptical trainers apart from other exercise equipment is that they blend low-impact cycling and running. What you eventually end up with is a form of exercise that puts very minimal stress and strain on the joints and muscles.

But just before you get started training on an elliptical trainer for weight loss, here are a few safety tips you will want to keep in mind.


Before stepping on this equipment, you have to ensure your stomach is without anything besides water or perhaps fruit juice. On top of that, stay away from consuming coffee a few hours to your training. In fact, avoid taking coffee before attending any workout regime. Why? You may ask. Well, once coffee gets to your empty stomach it would throw your practice off-balance and the result would be you feeling sick the entire day.

Warm-up exercises

Just before you set out to train on your elliptical trainer, it’s recommended that you do a few warm-up exercises. Focus your warm-up exercises on the muscles as well as tendons just so that they can be stretched and flexible enough. This will reduces chances of suffering an injury.

Exercise pace

When using an elliptical trainer to exercise for weight loss, it’s important that you begin your training at a slower pace and thereafter adjust the speed gradually. This way you will be preparing your muscles for the upcoming heavy workout. Should you end up feeling a little tired while working out, avoid just stopping abruptly as this could affect your tendons and muscles. Rather, reduce your pace gradually before jumping off the trainer.

Quality of equipment

When deciding which elliptical trainer to have, quality should come first. If your elliptical trainer lacks that, then you are definitely going to hate training on it. If your elliptical trainer squeaks and tends to get loose while you are working out it can be a distraction.
So what’s the wisest thing to do in this case? It’s simple, do your research before making your purchase. Ellipticalist provides extensive buying guides and reviews of all major elliptical machines on the market. Of course you will come across many models and brands but narrowing down to the best one will largely depend on your budget, preferences and a few specific features.
Keep in mind that in order for you to shed off those extra pounds while using this machine, consistency is key. Ensure you are consistent in your training and also observe all the safety tips we mentioned earlier.

5 Benefits of Hiring a Personal Trainer

Do you compare a personal trainer to a drill sergeant? The very thought of someone screaming at you and pushing you to your absolute limits scares most people resulting in them refraining from hiring a personal trainer.

But that’s not how it is. Yes, you do need to push yourself to see any real benefits, but your personal trainer only asks you to do something if they are sure that you can actually do it.

Personal trainers usually help you achieve specific personal goals. If you’re wondering whether the financial investment is worth it? Don’t think twice. If you can afford it, go for it. If it’s putting less food on your table, you may want to begin saving up a little each month and hire a personal trainer when you have sufficient funding. I say this because your trainer is trained to offer the services he or she is offering you and they would specifically guide you not only with your exercises, but also nutrition, schedules and more. Let’s cut to the chase, shall we?

The Benefits of Hiring a Personal Trainer

Achieve Your Goals

Do you have fitness goals in mind? You probably do, but they’re most likely unrealistic. Working to achieve unrealistic goals is only going to leave you demotivated and ultimately you’re going to give up on them. Your personal trainer would be able to help you define your goals.

When it comes to determining your goals, your trainer is going to want to talk to you and interview you about your daily routine, the amount of work you’re willing to put in, your current fitness level and the food you eat. S/He would then discretize your goals by breaking them into smaller sub-goals which are realistic.

A Schedule Is Created for You

Once the goals are all sorted out, it’s time to get organised and plan your schedule so that you achieve these goals in the discussed time period. When you have a personal trainer you’re going to get a personal schedule created which ultimately leads to better results.

Perfect Posture and Technique

More important than the amount of exercise you do is the posture and technique while you do it. Your personal trainer is going to demonstrate exactly what you need to do and they would watch you do it to make sure you got the right posture.

When you perform the exercise the right way you’re not just reaping the most benefits from it, but also massively reducing the risk of injury. Once you have the instructions you would easily be able to perform these exercises at home or in a gym.

Different Kinds of Exercises

Another benefit of working with an experienced personal trainer is that they know about various techniques you could use to achieve your goals. Research has shown that even people who hate exercising tend to perform better when there’s change.

They Help You Work Efficiently

I was on a work assignment in the UK for 6 months and I decided to head to the gym and not bother looking for a personal trainer. That was one of the biggest mistakes I made because I did go to the gym every day, but I saw no real change. My workouts were very tiring, but not at all efficient. On my lookout for a personal trainer in Canary Wharf, I came across Reece Mander Fitness and I benefited immensely from them. There were probably better trainers out there, I don’t know and I didn’t really care as I was getting just what I wanted with them. Over the course of the last 3 months, I was working out less, but seeing better results.